GarageBand Voiceovers: How to Produce Professional Voice-Overs Watch Preview

From raw sound to professional voice-over. The easy way. 

This GarageBand tutorial is a fast and efficient run-through of GarageBand - the "light version" of Logic Pro by Apple. I guide you through my settings and setups, production of sound and export of the finalized voice-over - and the tips, tricks and shortcuts I used to produce more than 400 voice-overs for small businesses, large corporations and everything in between on platforms like Fiverr, Upwork etc.

• Fastest way to learn the basics of GarageBand

• Easy transition from learning to using key features and functionalities

• Step-by-step guidance through the production of a complete voice-over

• Valuable tips and tricks on how to skip the boring and complicated parts of sound editing

GarageBand is more than enough, and I'm the living proof that you can make $10.000+ a year by selling voice-overs online as a small side-gig. My Fiverr Gig profile is an example of how a basic setup of a cheap microphone and basic skills in GarageBand can take your voice-overs from raw sound to cut, edited and exported high-quality digital products.

I divide this GarageBand course into the following sections:

  1. Learn the Basics of GarageBand

  2. Create Your First Voice Over

  3. Next-Level Functions

  4. Personal Tips and Tricks

I look so much forward to sharing my knowledge with you - see you inside in a second!

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10 Lessons

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Quick Run-Through of How to Post-Produce in GarageBand

Introduction to GarageBand Course

Why do I use GarageBand? And why did I create this course?

Cut-down of Raw Sound-files

A brief introduction to cutting down longer raw files to shorter quality voice overs ready for next round of editing. We remove breathing, learn about timing and look into processes around faster sound work.

Tweaking timing in a Fine Cut

In this lesson, we are refining the raw cut by listening back to the track once again. This time around, we are listening for the context; is the timing right between the sentences, which parts belong closer together, and how do we leave enough room for the animations that will follow in the video production afterwards.

Noise-reduction using Automation

Now we are getting down into the details of noise reduction, as we start using Automation for controlling the volume levels throughout or voice-over. We look into how to clean up endings and beginnings of individual sound bites, how to lower the volume on breathing sounds, and how to round of your track nicely with a fade-out to complete silence.

Short Note on Equalizer and Compression

Here's a brief touch-down on how to master your voice-over in GarageBand. We are running through the basics of equalization, compression and how to go deeper into more advanced settings, if that's what you want to do. I've also included some presets for you to download, if you just want to get started with a basic configuration - ready to go.

Exporting your Finished Voice-Over

You've created a great sounding voice-over, and now it's time for exporting it out of GarageBand. There are a few basic settings to know before hitting that Export button, and in this lesson, we'll cover the most import ones.

Bonus Tips

How to Get Good Voice-Overs on Fiverr

Learn how you get good and cheap voice-overs from the freelance platform

Why is my own voice-over not perfect?

This is the reason why my own voice-overs for this course aren't worked to perfection.

Free Sound Template 1

Free Sound Template 2