ScreenFlow Fast-Track: 15-Minute Crash-Course in ScreenFlow Watch Preview

A tightly structured, high-paced, engagingly animated ScreenFlow tutorial that teaches you nothing but the essentials.

Buckle up and push play on this 15-minute crash course on how to use ScreenFlow to record high-quality screen-recordings on your mac computer.

This is the course I wanted myself when starting out with ScreenFlow back in 2014; a high-paced introduction to the basics needed to do a quick screen recorded video.

This is not a copy of ScreenFlow's own tutorials. It's not another 3-hour course that drags you through every single functionality of how the entire ScreenFlow program works.

No—here's a series of quick insights, tips, tricks and methods for you to go from 0 to (somewhat of a) hero. Admitted; you won't be a ScreenFlow expert after these 15 minutes, but you will be able to record and produce a great screen-recording at the end of the last lesson.

The first 20% of any piece of software is all you need to put it to good use. By teaching you the essentials, you'll quickly get to a point where you know more than enough to create marketing material, e-learning, internal training or whatever your context demands.

Enjoy the course - I'm sure you'll take away a lot and get hungry for diving deeper into the beautiful piece of software that ScreenFlow is.

Rued C. Riis.

6 Lessons

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What is ScreenFlow Fast-Track?

A quick introduction to the "fast-track" format

Prepare and Execute a Strong ScreenFlow Recording

A series of "quick wins" to get you started on a good note.

ScreenFlow Interface Navigation, Media Library, Audio and Screen Recording

Get to know the interface and learn about Audio and Screen Recording settings.

Cut clips, Manage Tracks and Change Canvas Color in ScreenFlow

Learn 'track management' and how to split clips the smart way.

Zooms, Callouts, Annotations, Texts and Custom Styles in ScreenFlow

Learn how to zoom, make callouts , annotations and texts.

Import of External Media and Export of ScreenFlow Project to MP4 file

Learn how to wrap up your project and export it in MP4.