Strong Scripts: How to Structure Videos that Work Watch Preview

Stronger scripts. Stronger videos. 

Become a better video creator by getting acquainted with optimal creation processes, practical script templates and easy-to-use tips and tricks for videos that engage your viewer and make them understand your message. 

Insights from the video agency world

This course covers the knowledge, I gained throughout my 3 years as owner of an animation video agency. You'll both get the more strategic, high-level considerations around how to outline your video - as well as step-by-step guidance on how to write a strong script in practice. 

After you've taken this class, you have a strong foundation of knowledge to base your videos on. And you'll be able to use my templates for writing video scripts, as well as tailoring your scripts to the specific context, you're in. 

For business owners, marketers and e-learning professionals

This course is for business owners, freelance copywriters and agencies who want to either learn video script writing from the ground up - or who want to take their existing video skills to the next level through new ideas, inspiration and alternative takes on the practice of writing for video. 

As always, I'm available to you as a student of this course, and you'll get answers to all the questions you might have - as well as dedicated sparring on your written scripts from me. 

I'm looking forward to seeing you inside in a second. 

23 Lessons

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A quick welcome to the course from your teacher.

How Is The Course Structured?

A brief explanation of what you can expect to find in this course.

Why I Know Script-Writing

Hear how I got my knowledge on script writing and what you can learn from me.

What You Will Learn

Understand what the outcome of this course will be in terms of things, you've learned.


Script as Foundation

Understand why a written script works as a great video structure.

The Fish, The Better World and The USP Uzi

Get a concrete understanding of different script templates, like The Fish, The Better World and The USP-Uzi

The Explainer Pyramid

Learn how to have a great production process through a visualisation called The Explainer Pyramid


ASAP Principle

Learn to write a script that is As Simple As Possible - but not simpler.

AHA Moments

Spot AHA moments and use them to make the viewer's penny drop.

Benefits vs. Features

Understand and utilise the difference between features and benefits of your product/service.

Think Visually

Learn to think about the visual side while writing the script.

Inner Dialogue

Pin-point and address the most pressing questions, your customer is asking inside their minds.


Step-by-Step: The Fish

Inspire your script writing with concrete examples of The Fish script - explained step-by-step.

Step-by-Step: The Better World

Get some concrete examples of written scripts using The Better World structure.

Step-by-Step: The USP-Uzi

A step-by-step walkthrough of how to write a script using the USP-Uzi scrip template.


3 Stakeholders of a Script

Get an overview of the most important stakeholders of your script

Your Employer

Get an overview of the most important stakeholders of your script

Your Voice Over

Learn how to prepare your script for the voice-over

Your Viewer

Learn how to present your script to your video as subtitles/captions while the video is playing.



A repetition of all the lessons in this course - presented in short texts and images.


Short-cut to some of the best resources on script writing.


Get your hands dirty by writing a script and send it in for review.

Next Steps

Know where to go next with your newly acquired script writing skills.